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'The Flash's' Jesse L. Martin: Joe West has to keep Barry's feet on the ground

Are you ready for "The Flash"? Well, the cast was at San Diego Comic-Con to promote the new CW series, and on Wednesday, July 30, we posted a video interview with Jesse L. Martin from the press room roundtables.

Jesse L. Martin in the press room for 'The Flash' at SDCC 2014
Meredith Jacobs

Check out the video interview above or here. Keep reading for a few highlights of what Martin had to say about the new series and his character.

Stephen Amell had said that he most wants to work with Jesse L. Martin when it comes to the upcoming "Arrow"/"The Flash" crossover (leading to some joking since his cousin, Robbie Amell, is going to be on the new series), and Martin responded in kind. "It would be Stephen," he shared, "because he's phenomenal, and truth be told, you got all these meta-humans walking around in this world, it's probably going to be him. …I play a police officer, and these guys are out there doing their own version of justice." That said, Martin is looking forward to working with Robbie since they worked together before, on a pilot that never went anywhere.

How will Joe West handle knowing Barry's secret? "The biggest thing going forward between Joe West and Barry Allen and The Flash is that I have to keep his feet on the ground," the actor previewed. "Mine too, because I can't believe the stuff I'm seeing and the things I'm learning about this world, but I'm the guy who has to pull Barry back and say, 'Yes, you are the Flash and you are incredible, but you're also a man. Something could happen to you, not to mention you're hanging out with my daughter all the time, something could happen to her.'"

Speaking of his daughter, Joe West is very much the overprotective father when it comes to Iris. "I can't really get with the fact that she's a grown woman now and she can do whatever she wants. Joe's not good with it at all. Not good with her dating, not good with her out in this world with the Flash," Martin said, and that's why he wants to keep her as far away from the world of The Flash as possible. "Iris is a very curious, inquisitive girl. She's going to go full-on into that world if she finds out about it, and that just puts her in danger and it puts Barry in danger because he's going to constantly be trying to save her."

Check out the video for more from Martin, including how Joe feels about Barry's feelings for Iris. "The Flash" premieres Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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