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'The Flash's' Grant Gustin on Barry's father figures, doubting himself and more

One of the most highly anticipated new series of the fall is the CW's "The Flash," and it more than lives up to expectations. The cast and executive producers were on hand at San Diego Comic-Con to screen the pilot for fans and preview what's coming up, and on Tuesday, July 29, we posted the video interview from our roundtable in the press room with series star Grant Gustin. Check out that interview above or here.

Grant Gustin in the press room for 'The Flash' at SDCC 2014
Meredith Jacobs

"It's cool. It's a combination of things. … I'm definitely doing a lot of running," the actor shared when talking about how they put together the scenes of him running – and it's a lot. "For all the episodes, there would be an allotted day for green screen where I'm really running on a green treadmill in front of a green screen, like really running. Then they took like 16,000 pictures of my body and like 12,000 picture of my face, so they had details all the way down to the pores on my face." (That photo shoot took five hours.) From there, they create CG models of him running and then put stuff on his shoes and have him slide into and out of frame.

Even though his father is in prison, wrongfully-convicted of killing his mother, that's not going to keep him from being Barry's father. "I think they've maintained their relationship as much as they can," Gustin said. "It sounds like Barry's probably visiting him on at least a weekly basis."

Even so, he does have a surrogate father and "an amazing father figure" in Joe, but that's going to lead to a bit of conflict between the two now that Barry has these powers. "Joe wants to keep him safe, and Barry wants to keep the city safe," Gustin explained, especially when it comes to doubting himself. "A lot of that is because Joe doesn't want him to be doing this. …He's making me doubt myself because Joe is kind of doubting me."

While Barry's optimism and hope are good qualities for him to have as The Flash, they could also get in his way because "he puts other people first," the actor revealed. "When he's trying to stop a bad guy, he's going to worry about the injured person on the street, rather than chasing down the guy."

Don't forget to check out the video interview for more from Grant Gustin, including Barry's views on Harrison Wells, who is "not exactly what Barry expected," so can he trust him?

"The Flash" premieres on the CW on Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m.

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