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'The Flash' reunites 'Prison Break' brothers and casts Dominic Purcell

'Prison Break' reunion on 'The Flash'
Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Doesn't it seem like there's a new reason to be excited about "The Flash" at least once a week (and the show hasn't even premiered yet!)? Well, you can add to whatever list of reasons to have to be looking forward to the new CW hit with the latest bit of casting news, as on Wednesday, Sept. 3, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Dominic Purcell will be appearing opposite Wentworth Miller.

According to THR, Purcell will be playing Mick Rory, "a pyromaniac who finds an outlet for his obsession with fire when he teams up with Leonard Snart/Captain Cold," played by none other than Purcell's "Prison Break" brother, Miller, and becomes the DC comics villain, Heatwave. Miller first appears in episode 4. (Mick Rory will be heard from in that episode.) In the comics, Heatwave is part of the Rogues, and Captain Cold is the leader.

Purcell and Wentworth aren't the only "Prison Break" actors to show up in the "Flash"/"Arrow" world. Robert Knepper debuted as The Clock King last season on "Arrow," and he'll be showing up this season on "The Flash" in episode 7 (along with a new enemy for Barry Allen), while Peter Stormare is playing Count Vertigo, the new seller of the drug, in "Arrow" season 3. (Last season, Oliver killed Seth Gabel's Count when he held Felicity hostage.)

"The Flash" premieres Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. on the CW. Are you looking forward to this "Prison Break" reunion? What are your thoughts on Dominic Purcell playing Heatwave?

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