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'The Flash': EP Andrew Kreisberg on secrets, 'Arrow' crossovers and more

While "The Flash" is a spin-off of "Arrow," there are several differences between the two shows – and not just that characters have powers in the new series. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg discussed those differences and more with reporters in the press room for the new show at San Diego Comic-Con, and we uploaded that video interview on Sunday, Aug. 3.

Andrew Kreisberg in the press room for 'The Flash' at SDCC 2014
Meredith Jacobs

Check out the video above or here. Plus, keep reading for highlights about "The Flash" and "Arrow" from Kreisberg.

The EP admitted that they've learned from what they've done on "Arrow," especially when it comes to letting people in on Barry's secret. "The show didn't really become the 'Arrow' that I think we enjoy writing and you guys have enjoyed watching until the back half of season 1, and 'Flash' feels much more fully-formed," he explained. When it comes to Barry's secret, "there really aren't that many people on the show who don't know, which in some ways has made it a lot easier because it's not just the story of Barry Allen. It's the story of all of these people helping him. Like I always say, the least interesting aspect of these shows is, 'Clark, Clark, you just missed Superman, where were you?'"

For Kreisberg and the writers, it got "easier and more exciting" once people like Felicity, Tommy and Laurel found out Oliver's secret "because you could have those conversations." ("Arrow" scoop: Expect Laurel and Oliver's dynamic to be "so much more interesting" in season 3 now that she knows.) Because of that, "the people who don't know on 'Flash' will probably find out a little sooner than they might have done on 'Arrow' just because we have the benefit of having seen what that storytelling does."

While there is going to be a big bad and an overall mythology to "The Flash," every episode will have a villain-of-the-week with new powers as well. While "Arrow" has to stick with the non-powered, on the spin-off, that's not the case. However, Kreisberg did say that adding the Mirakuru with Slade and his army in season 2 was "a gateway super power" for them, so "if you could accept that little bit, then The Flash wouldn't seem so completely out of bounds." That said, they're hoping to "bring Arrow back down to Earth" in season 3 so it's not two hours of the same thing each week between the two shows.

"A lot" of the crossovers is fleshed out, the EP shared, and they see no reason to wait to crossover the two shows, especially since having the Arrow in the "Flash" pilot sets it up. Also, one of the big things for them was that Felicity was very impacted by Barry. "We feel like even more important than the Arrow somehow is getting Felicity and Barry to talk and work out their stuff," he explained. "We just feel like we have the opportunity, we have the support of the studio and the network and all the things we want to do and hopefully all the things the fans want to see, we're just going to get to."

Check out the video interview for much more from executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. "The Flash" premieres Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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