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'The Flash' comes to Tuesdays this fall on the CW

The 'Unthinkable' happened during Arrow's sophomore finale -- and I'm not just talking about Oliver's 'declaration' of love to Felicity.

Last night's teaser trailer featured a superhero 'showoff' -- or, in this case, spin-off -- between the Emerald Archer and the Fastest Man Alive ... but you can call him The Flash.

Grant Gustin is back as Barry Allen, a Central City crime scene investigator who came to Starling City last fall to help Team Arrow in a case that had similarities to his mother's murder. His arrival led to romantic sparks between Barry and Felicity, as he provided the mask needed for the Arrow to become more of an hero. However, on his return to Central City, Barry was struck by lightning, which will give him super-speed, and the Flash is born.

Today, confirms that a crossover between the Arrow and the Flash is already in the works, as Stephen Amell will appear in the pilot; check out the extended trailer at Deadline.

The Originals will move to Mondays at 8pm, as The Flash will face off against NCIS Tuesdays at 8pm this fall.

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