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'The Flash': Candice Patton on Iris West, Barry's feelings for her and more

"The Flash" is coming to the CW this fall, and the cast was on hand at San Diego Comic-Con to give a tease of what to expect. On Thursday, Aug. 7, we uploaded our video interview from the press room roundtable with Candice Patton.

Candice Patton in the press room for 'The Flash' at SDCC 2014
Meredith Jacobs

Check out the video above or here. Plus, keep reading for the highlights from Patton on her character, Iris West, and more.

She knew nothing about the world of The Flash when she signed on. "I grew up a big fan of Batman," she admitted. "So Flash was new for me. …When I read the pilot script, I was like, 'this is something I have to do. I have to do the show.' When I booked it, I just kind of picked up some comic books, started doing some research, gave Geoff Johns a call."

So how does Iris on the show compare to Iris in the comic book? "It's pretty similar," Patton shared. "She's fun-loving and she's fast-talking and she's quick-witted and she's Barry's best friend and she's just a great girl. I love playing her."

While Iris is "elated" that Barry survived the lightning strike, her life has changed in the time since. "That's hard to explain to your best friend that, 'Oh, by the way, I've also picked up a new boyfriend, and he's going to be hanging around a lot, and it's not going to be just me and you watching Netflix. I'm going off to watch Netflix with my boyfriend,'" she admitted. "Then also, Barry has feelings for Iris, and he's ready to tell her how he feels, and then this lightning strike happens, so it's hard for him I think to watch her move on."

Does Iris know of Barry's feelings for her? "I don't think she does," Patton said, explaining, "Iris is a super-smart woman, but like most women – I mean, people keep saying to me, 'How does she not know? How does she not know?' but honestly, I wouldn't know. …Also, they've grown up as brother and sister. …She would never think that Barry's going to come over and be like, 'Oh, by the way, I'm in love with you.'"

Check out the video for much more from Candice Patton. "The Flash" premieres Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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