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The Flames Of Discontent

Someone once said "Where there is opportunity to better yourself there is also stability in which to succeed. Where there is no availability of opportunity to better yourself there in lies instability which prevents success." As the world tumbles it's way through the first two decades of the 21st century opportunities to better yourself are fast becoming impossible to find for millions the world over. As a result we find nation after nation rebelling against any form of oppression that has stifled those opportunities for self betterment. Through-out history we have seen oppression give rise to open rebellion. Today, is no different.

The flames of discontent are fast spreading like wild fires engulfing the whole world. It seems that ever since the Arab Spring that toppled regimes the overtures of which has cascaded into a tumultuous tempest of rebellion through-out the world. Can it be that we have entrenched rulers whose own ambitions far exceed their nations trajectory? As profound as that sounds the reality is a world filled with so many lost opportunities edging us closer to a reality to horrific to even contemplate.

Half a world away discontent has reached a fever pitch. The streets of Kiev are awash with the blood of violent protest. In Syria another bloody violent civil war of more than two long years have sent millions into refugee camps only to await more pain and suffering. In North Korea where a tyrannical dictator is purging all those who stand in his way. Meanwhile millions continue to languish in abject poverty. In Africa there are countries where millions more continue to wither and die on that vine of lost opportunity. In Caracas, Venezuela waves of angry protest toward a government who has failed to light the beacon of hope and opportunity are at the verge of violent overthrow. In Egypt the aftermath of the past Arab Spring continues to thwart the development of any opportunity to stem the tide of rising anger and resentment. It is as though the whole world is on the brink of chaos.

As the rest of the world is set to implode we find ourselves that much closer to the realities of that world, a world away. When we really take a hard look at the cold facts today there are very stark similarities the one can only conclude history is set to once again repeat with disastrous consequences. We continue think ourselves fortunate that armed open rebellion hasn't taken hold. But, if we aren't careful that tempest half a world away could manifest itself right here in the United States. The gathering storm clouds of open rebellion are already starting to form.

We would be mindful to remember that the vine of opportunities has withered so much so within the past 34 years it just maybe incapable of spawning any new growth at all. It is now no wonder why we see so few if any real opportunities for self betterment and a realization that one can not actually climb up that economic mobility ladder. We have to go back over thirty years to find just when millions of Americans that started out being poor could actually rise into the middle class. The opportunities for self betterment did actually exist, back then. What we are witnessing today is a total evaporation of the middle class and with it are the opportunities that would enable one to actually attain being a middle class citizen.

The United States is seeing a total domination over the majority of Americas by an all powerful, all controlling 1%. The income disparity gap has effectively stopped the vine of opportunities from growing. There are more tangible tell tale signs of more storm clouds of uncertainty on the horizon. If one took a close look at the stock market lately one can see a stark similarity of activity very reminiscent with a period in history that transported the whole world into the Great depression. Yet, another bubble about to burst sending shock waves through-out the world is fast approaching.

As the prospect of a brighter future becomes dimmer the flames of discontent grow stronger. The realization that America is poised on the brink where the frustration of so many pushes us over the edge could very well be a disastrous reality. We have always been led to believe that the tempest of anger over lost opportunities for self betterment in other parts of the world could never erupt in America. And yet, that reality that has fueled the flames of discontent whether it is in Egypt, or Caracas is poised to set rebellion ablaze right here in the United States. A reality many can't even fathom and yet we are not immune. There is time to turn this ship of state around. To salvage the opportunities that stay dormant, while creating the opportunities to satisfy the growing hunger for a better tomorrow. We had better act quick.

When someone asked Benjamin Franklin what kind of government was created after the Constitutional Convention, he replied a "Republic if you can keep it." Well, today our republic democracy is at stake. We must be vigilant in our endeavors not succumb to the temptation of immediate great wealth in dictating the course direction we must take today. Yet, that is precisely what the powers that be have done when they detoured the country onto the path where so many opportunities for self betterment have vanished.

The events of today have hurled the world closer to the realization that no matter where one is if there is no opportunity for a better tomorrow the festering frustration soon boils over igniting an inferno of rebellion. A nation in so much debt that it transcends the normal bounds of reason. Our elected officials oblivious and blinded to see the dangers that lie beneath their exulted feet fact that the day of reckoning is fast approaching. It just be a matter of time before that inferno ignites the flames of discontent right here in the United States.