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The Flab 4 lose 200 Pounds using Dr. Ian Smith’s Super SHRED Diet

Did you know? Recently, The Flab 4 were welcomed back to The Rachael Ray Show to give the nation an update on the progress they’ve made using Dr. Ian Smith’s Super SHRED: The Big Results Diet.

Flab 4 SHREDDER Revolution
the flab 4, Dr Ian Smith

Kudos to "The All-Stars of Weight Loss," Michigan natives, Missy, Becky, Lori and Wendi, have spent the last 6 months dedicated to improving their health using Dr. Ian’s dieting advice. Cumulatively, the group has lost 200 pounds and they show no sign of stopping.

“We came up with the name “The Flab 4” with the hope of being “The Fab 4” eventually,” says Lori, Flab 4 Founder.

In fact, the ladies have created a Facebook group called the Flab 4 SHREDDER Revolution, which is dedicated to helping others utilize the SHRED diet to achieve their weight-loss goals. As of last week, their motivation has helped others apply Dr. Ian’s expertise to lose over 2000 pounds.

“These 4 women embody the essence of what it means to be a SHREDDER. Their support for each other and their determination to keep going is what we are all about!” says Dr. Ian Smith.

For more information about the SHREDDER lifestyle head to

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