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The five men to never date

Please try to avoid at all costs this guy: THE PLAYER, the touchy-feely, the serial bachelor, the man-boy and the inattentive.
Please try to avoid at all costs this guy: THE PLAYER, the touchy-feely, the serial bachelor, the man-boy and the inattentive.
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Let's face it; dating is rough! Surprisingly, most men and women approach dating and their search for love differently. In general, women feelings are more involved than men. They tend to rely on words, whereas men rely on actions. When a man whispers sweet nothings in a woman's ear, she believes those words with or without any action behind them. However, men pay attention to how women behave and interpret her behavior to mean whatever he wants to believe, regardless of what the woman says. This discrepancy between words and behavior will be problematic in any romantic relationship. So if your man is heavy on the words but light on the action, he is more than likely one of five types of men to never date.

Avoiding these five man might lead you to ... happiness.
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Man #1: The Player. This man is easy to spot. It is baffling how women still fall for his bag of tricks. He is the one who makes his rounds at the club and hit on countless women with some cheesy pick-up line. He is a master at his craft, so he knows just what to say to start a conversation. If a woman decides to date "the player," she may very well regret it when he begins to act shady.

Man #2: The Touchy-Feely. This man is as easy to spot as the player. If he is overly eager to move fast, it is never a good sign. For one, this type will act like he is extremely into a woman just to get intimate. He is the guy that is very affectionate and uses his eyes and hands along with words (like the player) just to get women into bed. This guy spells trouble.

Man #3: The Serial Bachelor. This man is generally well-groomed, successful, attractive, and intellectual. Women fall for him because they cannot believe that a woman has not met him at the altar. Even those women who approach him with caution are overwhelmed by his charm. His mannerism and persistence will probably win any woman over. However, just when his "lady" is hinting around to the m-word, this type will drop her with the quickness. In other words, while women push this type towards something serious, he is putting things in reverse.

Man #4: The Man-Boy. This man is well beyond that college, partying age, yet he is still kicking it. If weekend life for him is partying like he did back in college, run away now! This man is stuck in his 20s. On the surface, he might be a man but only in age. But in actuality, this type still has more growing up to do. You need a man, not a boy.

Man #5: The Inattentive. This man is always more interested in anything that is going on elsewhere. For example, he is attached to his smartphone. And by attached, he keeps it within eye sight waiting for someone more important than you to text, call, email him or check his social media notifications. He may seem into you, but in reality, he is distracted. I do not know about you, but I would rather date a guy who likes me better than his cellphone.

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