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The fitness of Salt Lake’s Martial Art schools

There is starting to be a trend toward young as well as older martial art students enrolling as much to lose weight as to learn self-defense. There are many different martial-art styles being taught in the area of Salt Lake City, and they are not all equal. It has been said that a good athlete does not make a good teacher. As well someone might make a good martial artist in performance and not have the ability to teach it to the wide needs of various students. Along parallel lines, an instructor might be able to teach self-defense techniques, but have no idea how to help their student’s get in shape at the same time.

In talking with various martial art instructors and students, their knowledge of health and fitness may seem lacking at times. The instructors should have a good understanding of muscle conditioning, flexibility tutoring, as well as proper diet and nutrition to guide their students through. Not all martial art styles in Salt Lake City focus on training through cardio types of workouts and this may become an issue the instructors should over-come. Our youth are already in a nearly fifty percent bracket of obesity and lethargy; they need to be taught and trained to over-come these devastating diseases.

It would be nice to have a forum where the instructors of the many different martial schools would have to come together for health and fitness instructions and how to incorporate them into their various types of instructions.

As a review to all Martial Art instructors; if your students are not moving through at least 20 minutes of sweat induced training they are not getting a quality workout.