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First wave of the river Zin through the Israeli desert (Video)

A rare natural wonder, the flooding of the Negev desert in Israel, was captured on video as the river Zin was reborn after several years of drought.

The first wave of the river Zin in the Negev desert in Israel
David Gal @YouTube

In the video, posted to YouTube on March 14, the dramatic reappearance of the flood waters, caused by heavy mountain rainfall miles away, is eagerly awaited by a small group of villagers (and one lucky dog) lining the dry creek bed forged by previous flash floods over thousands of years.

The video is shot at a particularly dramatic locale, as the waters surge slowly over the dusty wash, heading for a sinkhole, and causing a miniature waterfall, incongruously set against the parched and bone dry desert landscape.

Witnesses cheer the approach of the Zin, with children shouting joyously as the impressive wave crashes through, gaining in strength and roaring in intensity.

The emergence of the Zin is unpredictable and it has been several years since enough rainfall accumulated to cause a flash flood. Bur Negev desert residents have an uncanny knack for predicting when the waters will once again flow, and being on hand to witness the rare event has been a rite of passage for countless generations.

Luckily, this time, someone had a camera.

Click the video for a look. Volume Alert: The roaring of a desert river is surprisingly, gloriously noisy.

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