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The first teaser trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is now online

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For all true believers and Spidey fans living in Fresno and all over the world, the wait is over. After months of speculation and anticipation, the very first teaser trailer for 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has finally made its debut.

The trailer opens up with a shot of CGI Spider-Man falling from who-knows how far above New York City, before web-swinging off to do his usual thing, saving lives. But we see Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield) lamenting that every day he realizes that for every person he saves, he will always make a new enemy, and that it is only a matter of time before he face those with more power than he can overcome. The is followed up a by several quick shot revealing not one, but three new villains: the Rhino, the Green Goblin, and Electro. We then get a taste of Peter is in his relationship with Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone), and from the tone of it the two of them seem to be a friendly terms with each other, and Peter in particular seems to be in higher spirits. But then we are introduced to an old friend from Peter's past, Harry Osborn (played by Dane DeHaan), who reveals that his father's company, Oscorp, has had Peter under surveillance his whole life. When he questions his Aunt May about this, she repeats something she told him in the last film, "Secrets have a cost," only this time adding, "The truth does too."

This mystery eventually leads Peter to a top secret lab built into what looks like a subway train when he finds a video message made by his father, saying that he was trying to protect the world from what he discovered Oscorp wanted to do with his research. The trailer then takes us into Oscorp Labs where Peter is shown numerous high tech equipment, including a setup that will surely be what transforms scientist Max Dillon (played by Jaime Fox) into the villain Electro. But more than that, we see Harry promising Peter that with all the resources as the company's disposal, they can literally change the world. This leads into what looks like the rise of Spider-Man's greatest enemy of all, the Green Goblin. After this your typical comic book movie shenanigans ensues as we hear Electro promise that soon the world will know know how it feels to be without power, without mercy, and without Spider-Man.

those who have read my review of The Amazing Spider-Man will remember that I came out of it rather disappointed by the overall tone of the film, particularly Peter Parker's overly emo attitude and how at times it seemed to be trying too hard to be like The Dark Knight. Watching the trailer for this film, I am pleased to say that director Marc Webb and crew seem to be taking a step back in the right direction. Right away I noticed a lot of brighter colors that last time and the scene between Peter and Gwen tells me that this Peter Parker will hopefully be in higher spirits and less overly confrontational than last least before the main plot kicks in.

In speaking of the plot, that seems to be the number one complaint I am seeing on the message boards regarding this trailer, that the film is setting up too many villains. We all know that Electro is going to be the main antagonist of the film, yes, but we also see Spidey avoiding gunfire from criminal Aleksei Sytsevich (played by Paul Giamatti), who is also shown in the film in a gigantic metal suit resembling a rhinoceros, hence his code name, the Rhino. Beyond that, we also see the first footage of this continuity's new Green Goblin (and no, he does not appear to be wearing that Power Ranger-style green armor this time), but even though we are introduces to a dying Norman Osborn (played by Chris Cooper), the implications at this point seem to suggest that Dane DeHaan's character will be piloting the glider this time. Oh yeah, and there is even a shot of a Man in Shadows walking through an Oscorp hallway housing what appears to be Doctor Octopus's tentacles and the Vulture's wing harness. Clearly the studio it prepping up for the rumors Sinister Six team-up down the line, but the concern is that by showcasing so many villain in this film it will result in the convoluted mess that Spider-Man 3 is accused of being. I can absolutely see where the concerns are coming from, but I am still going to remain optimistic that Webb knows what he is doing and that things will ultimately work out for the best.

But the one thing I loved the most about this trailer was the new Spider-Man costume. Oh my goodness, thank you Marc Webb for choosing to go with that redesign! If you read my review of the first film, you will remember that I was not terribly happy with the costume Peter worn in that film; it was still clearly Spider-Man, but the minor twist in the details just made it look, well, off somehow. This time, however, we have essentially gone back to the look from the Sam Raimi trilogy, only now the suit looks much slimmer to fit the lankier build that Garfield has within it. This new look, topped with the mechanical web shooters from the first film, are such a plus for this particular fan that it alone has me optimistic...okay that's going too far, but it is a major plus in getting me to give this new Spider-Man another chance.

The trailer is now online and can be viewed here. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters nationwide in both 2-D and 3-D on May 2, 2014.

UPDATE: As reported by such sources as SuperHeroHype.Com, Sony Pictures has announced on December 12, 2013, that they will be attempting to expand the universe the Spider-Man franchise with potential spin-off films, in particular, the pan at this time is to produce two film dedicated to the Spider-Man rogues gallery , in particular two films focusing on fan favorite villain and occasional anti-hero Venom, and the supervillain group the Sinister Six, respectively.


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