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The first of this spring’s free ‘GTA Online’ title updates launches next week

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After Rockstar Games recently detailed three upcoming content downloads for GTA Online that are scheduled to release this spring, the developer provided an update on April 3 to confirm that the first addition will be launching for the online mode of Grand Theft Auto V next week.

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For those asking when they can expect to see these updates, the first will be the Capture Creator, available next week.

Fans will soon be able to use the in-game mission creation tools to create Capture matches within GTA Online as the Capture Creature update is now planned to be available for download starting next week. This will offer more diversity the game’s user-created content as fans can currently only use the creator to build their own races and deathmatch style jobs.

Also planned to release within the next few months is the ability to finally enjoy online co-op heist missions which will allow players to enjoy larger robberies alongside friends. This spring will also see the launch of the High Life Update which will give players the ability to own multiple properties.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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