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The first ‘Minecraft’ skin pack DLC on PS3 features 'Uncharted's' Nathan Drake

Minecraft: PS3 Edition
Minecraft: PS3 Edition
4J Studios

4J Studios recently revealed their plans to release the first skin pack DLC for Minecraft: PS3 Edition which will let fans play the sandbox creation game as a variety of characters from Sony-exclusive franchises. Giving players their first in-game look at the upcoming add-on, the developer revealed a screenshot of the skin pack on March 10 which shows off a few of the licensed avatar skins that will be introduced in the new DLC.

The first screen from Skin Pack 1 for the PS3 version of Minecraft confirms that 4J Studios will be giving fans the ability to play as Nathan Drake from Uncharted fame or Sucker Punch’s Sly Cooper. This is similar to how Microsoft fans received skins from Halo on the Xbox 360.

While the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft has received several skin pack releases, this will be the first DLC offered for the PS3 version of the game which launched late last year

Minecraft: PS3 Edition is only available as a digital download via the Playstation Store at this time. However, the possibility exists that the game may receive a physical disc release in the future since the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft eventually saw a retail launch of its own.

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