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The first great movie of 2010

Ghost Writer by Roman Polanski
Ghost Writer by Roman Polanski

Why It's Worth Seeing: Roman Polanski directs a political thriller starring Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor. Early on in the film I thought this might be one of those plot lines that is difficult to follow, but in the hands of Polanski the story flows effortlessly onto the screen. McGregor plays a ghost writer hired to finish the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister (Brosnan). Shortly after taking the job, the Prime Minister finds himself under investigation for war crimes. As the ghost writer digs up facts about the Prime Minister, he uncovers secrets that are extremely classified, with indications of a major conspiracy. Suspense builds as the ghost writer now finds his life in danger.

Why It's Not: You might not want to support Polanski considering his bouts with the law.

Verdict: This is a near perfect thriller that gives off a "Hitchcock" kind of vibe. It has a smart storyline, it is suspensful, and the acting is spot on. I am a big fan and believe you will be too!!!

Rythemovieguy's Grade: A-

If this movie had parents: Secret Window & All The President's Men


  • stan 5 years ago

    I just saw this after reading your review -I amnot sure I would say "one of the best of he year" but I was a big fan. 3.5 stars!!

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