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The First Commandment (Part 4)

There is a movement in the Wapello County and Jefferson County area to remove pagan influence from Christianity. This movement is small, however growing. One of the ways the movement works is by educating the public which claims to be Christian as to what they are really exposing themselves. The truth about the traditions surrounding holidays is one of the areas covered.

When archaeologists dig down and find our present culture, they will be able to see what we have not. They will see that all we did was change the names, but kept the methods of worship. Just as we can trace the idols from culture to culture through linguistics, they will be able to as well. More importantly, the Father sees all we do in this life. How do you want your Christianity to go down “in the books”?

Thanksgiving is the only “modern” day which does not contain pagan roots, although it is quickly becoming a secular celebration. The ancient feasts which were given in the Bible include Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Ex 23:15), the Feast of Trumpets or Harvest (Ex 23:16, 34:18), and the Feast of Tents or In-gathering (Ex 23:16, 35:22). In addition, the weekly Sabbath and the Day of Atonement is a holy convocation, totaling at least 55 holidays per year. These ancient Holy Days are kept by the Jews and some Christians still today. Peace in Christ.


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