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the first Chicago bit coin ATM

In many areas, bit coin currency is expanding in popularity and capturing many peoples interest especially in Chicago. This new digital currency still has more full embracing to do in the main limelight. Increasing knowledge and understanding of the bit coin will take away fear. More support is on the way and efforts to make it easy to understand. The bit coin community took a massive leap in opening Chicago's first bit coin ATM (automatic teller machine).

The ATM for bit coin is located at 3338 N. Clark St. is located at the Cassava Cafe, coin desk reported. This machine controlled by Midwest bit coin, allows many people to create a bit coin wallet, buy bit coins, sell bit coins, and send bit coins to others. The machine is located right inside after walking in the door.

Bit coin is usually called the currency of the internet. It is a distribution of coins, worldwide decentralized digital money. It is different from the traditional forms of currency like the dollar, bit coins are distributed and controlled without a central authority at all: bit coins have no government, company. or bank in charge of them. It has resistance to uncontrolled inflation and corrupt banks. With bit coins consumers can be their own bank.

The most sure and easiest way of earning bit coins is to accept them as a form of payment. If you have a business, small is quicker. the interactions are done quick and simple so it runs smoothly. People can get a free online bit coin wallet from There are a number of other providers other than Most find the wallet that works best for them. In any situation people should be cautious with their money.

For bit coin users, there are a few places to around to spend the internet currency in Chicago. In 2009 they created bit coin as a virtual currency. It has expanded past the word wide web and many businesses around the world accept bit coin, including vendors online and electronic transfers to vendors. Dozens of merchants in New York and San Francisco have included in their cash registers tallys sales using bit coins. Many stores selling pizza, cupcakes, videos and other in Chicago are opening up after holding back. The risks and problems of anonymous spending of bit coins is still being solved. The currency involves little risk, few fees and many services to diversify the transactions.

Other investors such as Gatz are funding investments to make a bit coin community. Many attempts to make crypt-currency the center of exchange in the Midwestern. Gatz is said to have become fascinated with bit coins and working with people in technology to make it a rapidly growing market. It is not a easy-get-rich scheme he says but can help the public be more spendable.

There are tech hubs like Palo Alto many coffee shops that were early users of bit coin payments. Another discount printer in Pilsen Booshworks takes bit coins along with credit and debit payments in their store.

Other coins like the robocoin kiosk in Vancover charge a small fee such as a 7 percent fee. Most online bit coin exchange transfers take a 1 percent fee for transactions, and this has kept bit coin exchanges looking good compared to other wired transfer service companies.

Bit coins have spread to many nations. Since 2009 that have increased in value and are being bought and sold as a digital currency in a variety of locations. Bit coin transactions are attractive and many new innovations are coming up with them.

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