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The finished cross stitched palm tree project

The cross stitch palm tree project is now complete, but it took a couple of months to work on from start to finish. A considerable amount of time was devoted to this project each day, so even though aida cloth cross stitching may be a budget friendly craft, this is certainly not a time efficient craft for people who yearn to make something quickly. Actually, patience is a virtue when it comes crafting and art projects because it is more about the journey than simply creating something that is slapdash handy work. However, if time constraints rule the day then plastic canvas mesh cross stitch is a craft that takes less time, and this an activity even younger people can enjoy.

Cross stitching in the blue sky among the green palm fronds.
Cross stitched palm tree by Julia Hanna.
The finished cross stitched image of a palm tree on aida cloth.
Cross stitched palm tree by Julia Hanna.

The slide show and video below documents the last few stages of this cross stitching project as the palm tree image finally comes to life. Also, follow the cross stitching articles to watch the evolution of this project and other projects from start to finish.