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The Financiers Of Terror

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It seems as though all the world is aflame in bloody turmoil. Islamic extremists have continued their savage assault against all who either have ties to the west or those who are greatly influenced by western culture and customs. They continue to evoke a doctrine that is openly and violently opposed to anyone who demonstrates behavior that is not in conformity with their radical philosophy. When we take a closer look into those random acts of aggression especially when young Nigerian girls are kidnapped and held hostage the whole world has to be outraged. But really who are the Boko Haram? They and their followers have been greatly influenced by the Islamic faith. They promote a radical version of Islam which they feel that it or "Haram" which means forbidden, for Muslims to have any affiliation with Western culture and influences. Believe it or not the Boko Haram are a very well financed terrorist organization. These terrorists continue to be recipients of an unending supply of money in which they continue to ignite terror all though-out Nigeria in hope of destabilizing the country and create an Islamic state.

Since the mid 1990's the United States has had an unwavering quest to eliminate terrorist organizations. After 9/11 the US with western allies have mounted what many have stated should have been a full scale assault against al-Qaeda but wasn't. What has happened in the ensuing years has become a futile effort sacrificing thousands of lives and wasting trillions of tax payers dollars all in the name on winning the "War On Terror." The biggest reason why we have continued to fail is because the flow of money into the coffers of these terrorists organizations has only greatly increased. Without an ever-increasing cash flow, these terrorists organizations would have died out long ago. But, the funding keeps flowing in. It has been widely speculated that the seemingless unlimited supply of funds is coming either directly or indirectly from of all places the UK. We know for a fact that certain alliances in Saudi Arabia are also contributing large sums to al-Qaeda which then transfers funding to other sympatric terrorist groups around the globe such as Boko Haram.

There are questions that need direct answers now. Could it be that our own society has reached a point that our influence around the world has triggered a cataclysm of contempt for our moral and ethical decay that has evolved over the last 40 years? Could it be Western culture has become so offensive to the basic nature of the Islamic faith and their culture? Has the West failed to take into account that two different very distinct differences exist? Is Western culture so immersed in it's own self absorbency that we have failed to recognize the growing animosity Eastern culture has become toward us? Is the West purposely imposing their culture and influence upon nations that would normally be more of an Eastern culture? These are just some of the questions that really do need to be answered.

If we as members of the international community as well as the Human Race seek to end this global threat and blatant disregard for the sanctity of life there must be a total unequivocal resolve to do so. Answering those questions would be a start. We would also be wise to remember what General McAuthur said, "There can be no substitute for victory." There can be no appeasement, there can be no compromise, and certainly there can be no retreat. The current escalation of violent turmoil whether it is Boko Haram, al-Qaeda or any other terrorists organizations are all do to the fact that the US and the West has waged wars that all have become complete failures. The war on poverty, and the war on drugs are all examples of how futile are attempts have been. Our government has behaved just like a prize fighter who took a dive.

To date the US intelligence has summarized that the Boko Haram is sponsored by foreigners. We know for a fact that al-Qaeda does in fact funnel large amounts of cash into this organization. Boko Haram leaders have continually met with al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia resulting in more insurgency all through-out Africa. The most discerning question again is: if we know where this or any terrorist organization is getting most of its funding why are we allowing it to continue? Could it be just like our war on drugs there is tons of money to be made of both sides. Where is the sanctity of life when all that continues is more human suffering amid chaos?

We have to educate ourselves on just what our culture and it's effect has on Eastern Islamic nations. Today, to effectively start to eradicate this terrorist organization and others like al-Qaeda there has to be a decisive unified effort from all nations especially Saudi Arabia and Great Britain to garnish accounts that are known to front money to terrorists organizations. Stopping the flow of money into known terrorist organizations has to be the top priority in ending what is now a futile effort in winning the war on terror. The lives lost, the human anguish and all the destruction that is only escalating would eventually cease but, only when there is a unified effort from both the Islamic nations and the West acting in unison in combating the most malignant scourge of mankind.


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