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The financial state of the 20-something Crowd


Despite the fact that three in four people under 30 believe their financial situation will improve in the next five years, only 12 percent feel comfortable at present. Carrying heavy debt load is a major source of their stress and anxiety. About 46 percent face the reality of student loan debt, which has skyrocketed to an average of $29,337. Debt has this generation off to quite a difficult start—one in five adults live with their parents, and 43 percent of 20-somethings earn less than $25,000 a year.

The under 30 crowd tends to be very YOLO (you only live once) with their money. Bar hopping is favored over starting an emergency fund. A full 60 percent save five percent or less of their gross income per month. There are some common sense tips the 20-something crowd should keep in mind: spend less than you make, contribute to your 401(k) and kick-start your savings.

To learn more about the financial state of the 20-something crowd, check out this infographic.