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The final season of 'True Blood' focuses on love and relationships

This summer is the final season for HBO's vampire show, "True Blood" and fans are wanting for spoilers to season seven. Here are a few spoilers that have been released thus far.

Jessica has an interesting love life this season
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

First, everyone knows that the actor, Luke Grimes who played James, Jessica's love interest last season has been replaced by a new actor Nathan Parsons. So, will Jessica finally settle down with a vampire? This has been implied.

Second, Lafayette will finally find a true love that lasts at least until the end of the show. He is said to have be very good looking. His name is Drake and he is a young 20 yeears old. He is described as a poetic mix of James Dean and Jim Morrison mix.

Third, there will be some weird relationships that will develop when the vampires chose humans as their partners to try and keep the virus from spreading. Fans are promised that the complications that arise between the multiple three and four ways that develop will be a lot of the focus of the show.

Fourth, the main idea of season seven is if humans and vampires can really love together. This is to be answered by the end of this season.

Fifth, Arlene starts dating a hot vampire named Keith. He is the drummer in Nathan's band. How will Arlene handle this?

Sixth, Eric is going to fall in love with Sylvie who is also in her 20's. What is it wil suitors in their 20's this season?

And finally, this season will do what fans have complained about since the begining of the series, the writers are promising that this season would focus on the main characters and not have multiple side storylines going on.

Maybe this season everyone will come together and it will be tied together in a neat little red bow.

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