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The FIGHT to Fulfill Your Calling

The Fight
The Fight
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You're here to help heal the planet in some way. You’ve been created and shaped to make a positive difference—whether small and obscure or large and expansive. It’s your call and the world needs you to answer it.

My call is to help people connect with their true purpose or calling. In trying to fulfill this purpose, I’ve learned a two-fold truth:

1) People benefit when I pursue my calling;

and, perhaps just as important,

2) I need to do it. If I’m not consistently devoting time and energy to my calling, I develop a condition I can only define as soul-sickness. Life is hard. Empty. Drudgery.

However, it’s a mistake to think that because a call is a God-given thing, it will be easy to identify and fulfill. In the past I believed because I’ve been shaped by my DNA and life experiences for a purpose, I’d be confident and sure of myself. And doors would open miraculously. Right?


You and I must fight to fulfill our calling.

Although it’s counter-intuitive, I’ve made the greatest strides forward in the middle of my most difficult times. Problems or responsibilities or lack of resources or emotional pain overwhelm me and the way forward is darkened. All seems lost.

My inner enemies are:

  • Fear
  • Self-doubt
  • Expectations--others’ and my own. “Should”
  • Inertia. Why not just keep things as they are?

When I strain against the darkness, I see a very faint light. It reveals a thin, almost-hidden path—a new thought or idea…a door I didn’t see before…a step I can take—if I will.

With all the hope and faith I can muster, I grab that path and am ushered into a new place of victory. Growth. Becoming my best self. Helping others.

Why must victory come as the fruit of battle?

The fight teaches us that our calling is from God and is fulfilled with God. He is the light on our path. He watches and waits to see if we will follow…take that step. When we know God is with us, we are assured of success.

So we fight. Healing for others—and ourselves—is the prize.

- - - - -

What about you? Are you in a battle to pursue your calling?

Who or what are your enemies?

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