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The fight against AIDS in children 2010

There is a scourge among the world's emerging market children - AIDS

Thembi Ngubani from South Africa  contracted AIDs at 16 and is a case of courage and strength.  She advocated action against AIDs, worked with UNICEF, met with President Clinton and then-Senator Obama and addressed the South African Parliament to recognize that AIDs is an issue.  She died at the age of 24 last year - please see her site below.

Last year Post Road Advisors ran the Fairfield 5 k race to support AIDS prevention and we are running it again this year in the Stratton Faxon 5 K race this June 27 to support the fight against AIDS in children. 

We welcome anyone who wants to join the run with us - we'll give you a cool t-shirt!!!  

Afterwards we offer juice, fruit and pancakes at our house at 46 Rowland Rd.  Join us for a fun run (no one cares about the time of run) or walk!! 

Please  help the fight against AIDS in children with UNICEF.  Donate below or run or just join us for brunch and laughs!  You are welcome!