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“The Fifth Wave” adaptation casts it’s three leads

"The Fifth Wave" adaptation from Rick Yancey's book has cast it's three leads
"The Fifth Wave" adaptation from Rick Yancey's book has cast it's three leads

In casting news, The Fifth Wave has cast it’s two male leads in Ben Parish and Evan Walker plus the lead female character in the adaptation.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Nick Robinson (best known for his role on the TV show Melissa and Joey) has been cast to play Ben Parish. Parish has been taken by the government to train on becoming a killer in the alien invasion, but is not someone who likes to take orders.

Alex Roe has been cast Evan Walker, another survivor who meets with Cassie and helps her try and get her brother back from the government. Roe is an up and coming star and is really best known for his role as a little kid in The Calling.

The movie has already cast the female lead, Chloe Moretz, as the lead in Cassie a little while back. Moretz is best known for her role in Kick-Ass and in the upcoming movie If You Stay, will see if she has what it takes to lead a female driven trilogy.

Of course, they still have a long way to go as there are still a whole lot of key characters that need to be cast that include Cassie’s little brother and the general, who is probably the villain of the series.

It’s a surprise that Sony is working this adaptation so quickly. There are still two more books to come out and could ultimately shape how the movies come out. They will have the struggle that the Harry Potter adaptations had where the director/writer will need to work with Yancey to make sure they don’t cut out important information from the first movie.

The Fifth Wave, which is written by Rick Yancey, is about an alien invasion that takes over the world and Cassie is one of the few human survivors. She runs into Evan Walker while on her travels and starts to develop feelings for him. But she soon learns that Evan has secrets that threaten to tear everything apart.

There is no news on when the movie will be coming out, but late 2015 would be a good guess. They still need to work on the director and the rest of the cast before they can start shooting.

The Fifth Wave is the first book in the trilogy and the second book, The Infinite Sea, is set to come out September 16th .

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What do you think of the casting?

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