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The fifth Commandment-- honor your mother and father

The Fifth Commandment is the most unique Commandment out of all of them. It is the only Commandment that has a promise tagged to it. God gave humans a set of ten rules; the fifth rule is the only rule that makes a promise back if one is to obey this rule.

The Fifth Commandment being, "Honor your Father and Mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you" Exodus 20:12.

Essentially what God is saying with this rule is that, if you honor and obey your parents, He will make it so you have a long life. Out of all the Commandments, this one is the only one that God set aside to add a promise. One may say that the reason why, could be that God knew it was going to be a struggle during puberty to obey parents. Parents tend to demand things and make children do things that is not what they want to do. God knew that His people would have a hard time with many of these Commandments, but this one, could be the one that he thought would be most difficult. This Commandment seems to show mercy to younger generations. "If you do this and get through it, I will give you this."

It is critical to honor and respect your parents, even as adults. Parents can be very difficult to have to deal with. They can be embarrassing, they can be tough, they can be out right foolish, but still they deserve your honor and respect. If they are wrong, you don't have to always mind them, but you still need to respect them.

If there are any teens reading this article, keep in mind that God shows his mercy towards you. He promises if you honor your parents (including God as your parent) he will allow you to live a long life.


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