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The Fifa World Cup offers benefits for more than soccer fans

The Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil is quite an opportunity for South America’s largest country. For the Peoples of Brazil, the World Cup is about more than just a sport’s tournament. Soccer may well be the world’s most passionately followed sport, but the World Cup is also an opportunity for Brazil to be treated as an equal among world powers.

Brazil is both one of the world’s largest countries in terms of landmass and economic growth; however, South America has tended to be increasingly neglected on the world stage since the beginning of the Nineteenth Century. In many respects, this is a product of the United States deciding the world would not interfere in the affairs of our neighbors, i.e. the Monroe Doctrine, while the US and Europe’s focus over the past several decades has increasing shifted toward the Middle East and Asia.

Certainly, Free Trade, the so-called Drug War, and the antics of South American leaders like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez have garnered the attention of world leaders, yet the International Community’s concern for South America has been fleeting. The Fifa World Cup is a chance for Brazil, as well as the rest of South America, to draw constructive attention to both their successes as well as the issues they view are most likely to hinder their future success. Meanwhile, the World Cup also represents a chance for the world to take a closer look at Brazil, its Peoples, and the Brazilian economy.

For visitors in the midst of booking their flights and buying necessities like travel insurance, there is far more going on in Brazil than soccer and they will soon see just that. For those watching the games on televisions, the experience is certain to include analyses of issues like Brazil’s massive issues with poverty and its strength as a growing economic power. For the Brazilian Peoples, the games are a chance to tell the world what Brazil has to offer the International Community as well as what it wants from the world.

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