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The Fennec Fox: Cuteness personified


  • Amy 6 years ago

    As a past owner of these amazing little animals- all I can say is YEA, they can be great pets. I had a breeding pair, very handleable, and so were their offspring. The big ears and black eyes with the cunning of a fox, speed of light, size of a chihuahua and snuggliness of a puppy is an experience forever etched in my mind. Maybe again someday, wish they lived forever. Fennec Farm in Florida (many, many moons ago)had awesome temperament foxes available. Shipping back then by Delta Dash was fast and not very stressful for animals.

  • Wendy 6 years ago

    HELLO--any compassionate animal lover knows that no matter what the laws say it is WRONG to have a fennec fex or ANY exotic (translation: WILD) animal as a pet. There's no such thing as a domestic fennec fox--come on, people.

  • Joel 6 years ago

    I am a new owner of a 8 week old female fennec fox. She is an amazing pet! I must have read every snippet I could find on the internet before finding a reputable breeder, getting on her waiting list, and buying my fox. I am finding that her behavior however is very similar to that of chihuahua puppies (which my extended family has raised several of)and not nearly as "wild" as a domestic Abyssinian kitten I used to own! I would say that they truly are a combo of both puppy and kitten behavior-wise. Fennecs bred in the US all come from USDA breeders and have generations of "kept" parents... so they are not really "wild" animals. It has been illegal to import fennecs for many years now in the US. If you are interested in owning a fennec fox and have done the research and can afford to pay for the animal and its upkeep... I would say do NOT let people who are against ownership of exotic pets (which means anything but a domestic dog or cat) convince you otherwise!

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