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The feminine aspect of unity Shekhinta explored and explained

Visions of life in So Cal
Visions of life in So Cal

Shekhinta is thought of as the feminine aspect of God and yet even that degree of separation is misleading. There must always be a unity between Shekhinta and Qudsha Brikh Hu. One evolves out of the other and one expresses itself through the other. They are two part of a unified whole ascending and descending in simultaneous synchronicity.

It is because of this unified awareness that we are able to contemplate the heavens and come away with a sense of understanding. We never have the entire picture and yet we can somehow feel the ultimate result which is a unity of understanding.


This idea of Shekhinta forms the basis of Creation and of the mystical truths that are contained within Torah. These truths may only be discovered by letting go, stepping outside of the box and allowing Shekhinta to speak through you. It is indeed the great purpose of Creation for you to access this level of the divine in order to flow with that connection that is continuous in it making, its expression and its enlightening insights.

When you think about unification you take into account a connection between what you know and what you are seeking to know. There is a link that has to either be built or be discovered. In terms of the Kabbalah it is this link that unites Father and Mother,(Yud and Hei) call it the Vav in between YHV”H. Notice that we have YH together with the Vav in between followed by the Hei symbolic of Malchus, the Kingdom or the final outcome.

YH together are the Father and Mother, the Higher Awareness synthesized with the Higher Mother. Then the connection Vav streams the influence to the lower Mother, the final Hei. In this way what has been expressed spiritually is also seen through all four worlds culminating in the world of form.

Everywhere you look within that unity may be expressed at various levels in thought. The perspective meaning at what point you are focusing on vis a vis the Sephiros does not matter. It is what we make of the view along the way that brings home the unified nature of things. Everything in short resolves to one.

Similarly when considering the Divine name HVY”H everything resolves to Hei. There is a rush of creative thought that filters through the various Sephiros arriving at the final destination Malchus. Here the Hei self sufficient in that all has been provided for it to maintain its own existence. In maintaining that existence it is constant in it upward reflective. It knows its divine state from when it comes forth.

All of these symbols bring out the ever present thread that runs through these Sephiros which is Shekhinta that is the agency through which all transformations of consciousness flow. She is present with Qudsha Brikh Hu together linked in ELHY”M and suffused through the dual divine name YAHDVNH”Y (YHV”H plus ADN”Y). Because of this there can never be any separation between Qudsha Brikh Hu and Shekhinta. B”H

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