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The feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus and 4th of July, 2010


The Precious Blood of Jesus

Brief Feast History:

Devotion to the Most Precious blood was propagated by St. Gaspar del Bufalo (January 6, 1786 – December 28, 1837). The Mass and Office in honor of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus was first composed at the orders of Benedict XIV. Then Pius IX extended it to the whole Church. Later Pius XI raised the rank of the feast to first-class double.


The feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus was first instituted for July 1st. Then it was moved to the first Sunday of July.


The Litany to His Most Precious Blood may be recited every day.


This year, the feast fell on the 4th of July, our nation's Independence Day. This day, we sing hymns and proudly display the American flag to remind ourselves that there was a time when the American people had to fight a bloody battle in order to obtain freedom from an oppressive entity.

Today on the feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, we remember that one man let his blood be shed not just for one nation, but for all humanity, past, present and future. The blood of Jesus Christ was shed so that anyone who wishes to may claim freedom from the oppressive spiritual and cultural reign of sin and evil. The blood of Jesus has power because the man Jesus who shed his blood for us is God himself.



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