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The fearless football forecaster goes for it all

Time once again for your fearless Canadian Football League forecaster to flip on his fedora, buckle up his chin strap, and put on the pads for another go-round of predictions, predicaments and punditries regarding the current CFL season.

With the regular schedule pretty much at its half way point, let's take a look at the nine teams and see if we can figure out where they stand at this juncture of the season.

For starters, we'll go to the bottom. The Lions are trailing in the West Division, with a current record of five wins and four losses. They hope the return of starting quarterback Travis Lulay will give the squad a jolt in its quest for a playoff spot. Currently, the team is six points out of first place, but this season their performance has been inconsistent at best.

Back east, the new Ottawa Red Blacks ( great uniforms, stupid name ) have played nine games, lost eight of them, but are only four points away from first place. Why? Because the rest of the teams in the CFL's Eastern Division are also acting as if they had never before played with a pointy-ended ball.

Back out west, looks right now as if Calgary will run away with everything. Hold on, maybe Saskatchewan will. Or Winnipeg. Or Edmonton. In fact, as of this writing, all five Western Division teams have won more games than have any Eastern Division team. Bodes well for the West.Not so much for the East.

Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal and Ottawa all still seem to be playing as if this was June and not September. Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Saskatchewan have all banged out impressive wins. B.C., in the West, needs to gain consistency. All of the other Western Division teams have to maintain their consistency. All four Eastern Division teams have to attempt to put together a winning streak of at least three games in a row.

But, remember, this is the CFL ---where it isn't over until it's over. And remember to click on the video to again watch Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca slug it out.

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