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"The Fear of the Lord--That Is Wisdom!(Job 28:28)

 "The Fear of the Lord--That Is Wisdom!(Job 28:28)
"The Fear of the Lord--That Is Wisdom!(Job 28:28)

And he said to the human race, "The fear of the Lord--that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding."(Job 28:28)

Understanding is gained by learning. Learning is gained through education or experiences. Education gives subject and general or even specific information to utilize during an experience. Some this experience precedes education. The experience teaches an important truth about life. It should cause future decisions to be made in reference to the results of that experience. For example, a child touches something hot. He or she chooses to avoid it in the future. They have learned to appropriately approach the hot object cautiously with a healthy fear.

God states that fear of Him will assist in making a choice to avoid evil. Evil is hurtful and is evident in wrong choices. Reverence and respect of the Lord brings wisdom that helps in making a good experience. Learning and education has to come from God to decide between what is right and what is wrong. The wrong is avoided and is turned away from toward what is good. Good is found in the example that Jesus Christ set. He taught to give unselfishly with material possessions such as food, clothing, etc. He also said to give away one’s time to those who are sick or in prison. He gave the ultimate goodness, His life, for the whole world.

Believers in Christ Jesus are guided by the Holy Spirit into understanding God’s righteousness. They are followers of Christ’s example in good speech and deed. Truth is obtained from the Holy Bible. A person of faith will find the words of God leading to life and eternal rewards. A person intimately connected to God through His word governs his or her conduct accordingly by utilizing God’s wisdom and appropriating the gained understanding.

Challenge: Believer, make it your priority to examine your level of wisdom and righteous conduct against God’s Holy Bible, the truth. Amen.