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The fear of practicing Islam out loud

It’s become quite apparent in recent months that anyone who attempts to inquire about Islam via the internet has automatically subjected themselves to probable scrutiny by the government. It’s hitting home in a very hard way. Not long ago a young man from the Boston area was arrested in his home for allegedly viewing videos posted on the internet and allegedly translating some of their information into English from Arabic.. The story has so many twists, turns, inconsistencies. It’s certainly more than obvious that it’s just another attempt to create some adverse portrayal of our beautiful and peaceful religion at the expense of an innocent person. Not only suffering is he, but his family and reputation as well. It has often made even myself think twice about researching some of the articles that I write. Will my family be subjected to the same? Will those who subscribe to my column be opening up themselves to the same possibilities? It’s a very frightening position to be in. I will tell you that in the Boston area alone, the Muslim community is not only very large but thriving Masha’Allah and the stronger our faith and the more we spread the positivism we will prevail in the most rewarding way. I urge you all to not let this propaganda discourage you from reading, researching, learning and more importantly visiting your Masjid’s regularly. We know our intentions are pure and peaceful and those who are committed to increasing their Iman (faith) and spreading “TRUE” Islam to the world will be judged accordingly by Allah.

I suggest you all visit the website for more information on Br. Tarek and show your support for him.

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  • Sakina- Islamic Issues Examiner 5 years ago

    Wow, that is really unfortunate sister.
    Thanks for sharing the freetarek site with us.

  • americandesi 5 years ago

    that's bc muslims are not united. we fight with each other and we shouldn't.

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