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The Father’s Day Meat, Egg and Cheese Pancake (recipe)

It's Fathere's Day! Get in the kitchen and make Daddy some food!
It's Fathere's Day! Get in the kitchen and make Daddy some food!
photos by Faith Bowman

Men love meat. They cry over bacon, and you have to physically restrain them from burning up all your groceries on the grill So a few days ago, I was messing around in the kitchen and came up with the perfect Father’s Day Brunch dish. No stress, super easy, and just burnt enough to make them think they did it themselves. ;-D

Chop up some meats- this has spam, bacon, and salami. Put into a non-stick skillet and begin cooking at a medium setting. Once that is sizzling, cut about 1/4 cup of cheese- or more if that’s your thing. Throw that on top of the meat. You are using a non-stick pan, so don’t worry. When the cheese is melted and bubbling, toss in two eggs, just as they are so they’re sunny side up. Season with pepper and slices of scallion. I used a whole scallion, and I just cut it with scissors over the pan.

Pick up the pan and confidently swirl it to loosen the pancake from the bottom of the pan. You can either flip it in a dramatic chiefly manner, or be smart and use a spatula.It’s Daddy’s day, so don’t go showing off. Wait one minute, and then slide the whole hing onto a plate. To make it pretty, roll it up, then tear off a piece of yolk and place that on top like a garnish. Sprinkle some herbs over it, I used dill here, for a little fragrance and to make it pretty. You’re done.

I would serve this with homemade biscuits and honey, or honey butter, or toast with some honey butter, or over a salad with a tiny bit of vinaigrette and roasted pepper bits for color.

You still have time, and this can work as a quick supper, with wine and mimosas- or whiskey, or sherry with a squeeze of lemon over ice.


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