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The fat lady sings at Opera Restaurant


An aria of exquisiteness embroils patrons of Opera Restaurant and Lounge in Fort Lauderdale. Industrial style ceilings, black tablecloths with white linens, a see-through wine cellar and baby grand piano make this Italian eatery a visage of antiquity straight out of the Renaissance.

Start with a Raspberry Rush flavored martini ($7.95), or 13 other delectable flavors sure to make you sing soprano.

Opera’s twist on fresh rolls comes with a garlic olive oil spread sure to tingle the tongue in anticipation of the feast.

For an appetizer try the reasonably priced and hearty Artichoke Spinach Dip ($6.95), easily enough for a foursome. This cheesy bowl of veggie goodness comes with crispy garlic bread slices as dippers.

The main courses not only include a hefty helping of Tuscan tasty, but a wide selection of salads, soups and meats.

The tomato soup of the day with a hint of goat cheese ($2.00) provides a tart libretto before the main operetta. The Mediterranean Chicken ($14.95) is like a Greek Tragedy mish mash of pan roasted bone in-breast with marinated artichokes, capers, roasted peppers and sun-dried tomatoes. Make sure to eat ingredients together to preserve the flavor the chef aspired.

For simpler fare, try the Chicken Francese ($14.94) sautéed in lemon butter with white wine sauce. A side of mashed potatoes even Mozart would find musical slightly upstages the main entry on this plate.

To eat like King Ferdinand, order the Grilled Mojo Skirt Steak ($18.95) with caramelized onions in garlic and lemon wine sauce and a side of asparagus. This cut of beef is as tender as Luciano Pavarotti’s voice and the juices run faster than he would to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

For dessert, all you Mama Mia’s need to indulge in a Baked Alaska ($6.95), a four-tiered cake with Neapolitan ice cram flavors (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla) for the base, with a meringue sponge cake as the tiara. A throwback to our childhood snack, Banana Twins, sat on the roof of this tower of sweetness.

Live piano players tickle the ivory on weekend nights with sultry jazz vocalist Teri Wilson draping the stage on Thursday evenings.

Call your friend Don Giovanni and bring your Magic Flute because with its warm hospitality, charming ambiance, hefty portions and moderate prices, a night at the Opera certainly won’t leave you Baroque. And yes, you will know dinner is over when the fat lady (your belly) sings.


Opera Restaurant and Lounge

1025 North Federal Highway

Fort Lauderdale



Food: 5 stars

Service: 4 stars

Comfort: 5 stars

Scene: 4 stars

Value: 5 stars