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The fat cure?

Take action now, try these exercises
Take action now, try these exercises
Photo by Mary MacIntyre

The fat cure?

Happy New Year! Have you been waiting for the latest secrets that will melt those extra pounds away? Well I have news for you: stop. Stop what? Stop worrying about those pounds. Start embracing your self with love. By starting totally accepting yourself now you have just increased your chances of meeting your resolutions tremendously.

Before you practice saying no to food, begin examining everything else you may need to say no first. If you had permission to say no to anyone or anything in your life, what would you say no to. Quick make a list.

Next do a review of your beliefs about your body. Make another list. In this list include a column naming the origin of the belief. Is anyone besides you still reinforcing these beliefs?

Now that you have this information, begin mentally saying no to negative beliefs, chatter, and people in your life. When you have had enough of saying no, release these beliefs as if you were blowing kisses into the clouds.

Feel free to repeat these exercises as often as you need to reduce tension or negativity regarding your body. Stretch, dance, and sing! You are wonderful living in a perfectly terrific body. Practice blessing yourself and thanking your highest power for this wonderful being and life you have (in all of its presentations).

Your secrets are your own, however there is much more to do about creating the fat cure.

In Albuquerque NM you can meet EFT practioners at: the EFT meetup:. EFT, emotional freedom technique, would be an excellent process to use when you want to uncover what lies underneath the fat.

Come back more for more articles on weight loss, and learn why it is not really all your fault.