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The Farewell Tour hits Nashville

The Farewell Tour
Copeland, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business, Person L, Deas Vail

On Monday, April 5, Copeland will be coming with I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business, Person L, and Deas Vail on The Farewell Tour. Doors open at 6PM and general admission tickets are just $15. To make your purchase now, click here. Don't wait to get your tickets -- they'll be sold out soon!

The tour is a chance for Copeland fans to say goodbye to the band one last time. The band as a whole decided that they need to go their separate ways now.

"We all individually feel Copeland has run its course in our lives and it’s time for us to pursue what is next." -- The Copeland write in a MySpace blog found here

However, the band does admit they might write another album in the future, just no more tours. Also, their album, In Motion, may be released on a vinyl record soon. In Motion was released in March of 2005, produced by Matt Goldman and Aaron Marsh (lead vocals and founder of Copeland) on The Militia Group record label. It was their second full-length CD.

I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business just released their album, The World We Know, yesterday, Tuesday, March 23. This is their second album since their first release in 2004. The album is available through iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Shockhound, Napster, Emusic, and in a hard, signed, copy at concerts.

This is a record meant to listen to when you’re alone with your headphones on.” -- Ace Enders (lead singer and founder of I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business)

Person L released their second album, The Positives, in November of 2009 through the record label Academy Fight Song and produced by Copeland's Aaron Marsh. The album is available as a CD, a 180 gram record, or a vinyl record.

As far as songs go, there aren't a whole lot of songs you can compare from the first record to the second." -- Kenny Vasoli (leader vocals and founder of Person L)

Deas Vail released their latest album, Birds and Cages, in October of 2009. It was produced by Mark Townsend (Relient K, House of Heroes) through the record label Mono vs. Stereo. It's their fifth album since they formed in 2003 and is available at concerts, on iTunes, CDBaby, and their web store. It was released as a hard copy, this past January.

We?ve gotten braver, and we felt like on this album, we weren?t in any boxes and we could just do whatever we wanted. Be experimental and try different ideas, move forward and do new things. We?re still growing, still writing better songs." -- Wes Blaylock (lead vocals of Deas Vail)

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