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The far left needs to get over its Hillary obsession

HIllary Clinton will not run for president, the far left needs to get over it
HIllary Clinton will not run for president, the far left needs to get over it
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Message to the progressive far left. Hillary is not going to be president. Hillary is not even going to run for president in 2016. Get over it already. I told you all weeks ago that Hillary won't run for president. So you don't believe me...Tom Bevan the founder and creator of Real Clear Politics gave us five reasons last week why Hillary will not run for president. On top of that, Edward Klein's new book, that Rush Limbaugh jokingly calls “Blood Clot,” reveals that Hillary's health issues won't even allow her to run for president again, let alone withstand the physical and mental rigors of serving as president for four to eight years. So give up lefties, Hillary is not running nor will Hillary ever be president.

The far left is investing everything it has on expected Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016, and seems to think it's so inevitable that it will happen. The mainstream media is going along with it and massively skewing the polls to make it looks like Hillary can't be defeated if she wants to president in 2016. We've seen this all before, when she was supposed to be coronated the president in 2008, until the media discovered Barack Obama and dumped Hillary for Obama.

For those of us how know Hillary is not going to run in 2016, it's laughable (and quite entertaining) to watch the far left waste their resources preparing for a Hillary run in 2016 that won't happen, especially the hopeless gomers behind that silly “Ready for Hillary” campaign that is doing a great job publicizing itself and getting suckers to send in donations to a group that will be a butt of jokes by the time 2016 comes.

While the fools on the left waste all their time and money promoting Hillary, for no good at all, because she will not run, they are missing key opportunities to promote other possible (and more viable) Democrat candidates for president while Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson gain more name recognition and support on the Republican side.

The Democrats have other candidates they could be promoting, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo or Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley or perhaps even Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Given how far to the left he was, he wasn't pro-choice as Mayor of New York but adamantly pro-abortion, they left could convince Michael Bloomberg to re-register from independent to Democrat to run for president. They love his anti-gun stance too, he's more of an extreme gun-hater than any of the liberal Democrats I mentioned above. They could say give America a third term of hope and change by voting for Bloomberg.

But the Democrats best hope of keeping the White House is in convincing Chris Christie to become a Democrat and run for president for them. He can flip flop on a few issues, that are required to be a Democrat nominee, such as being pro-abortion and spouting off that cliched and debunked women get paid 77 cents idiocy. If the former self-described conservative Republican Charlie Crist can reinvented himself as a liberal Democrat to have the party nominate him for governor of Florida, surely Chris Christie can do it too. Just like Crist in Florida, whose name is just three letters different than Christie's, he could re-invent himself as a Democrat, spout off the usual crap about how the Republican Party moved too far to the right than him, and talk about how he can be a candidate for all the people as a non-partisan candidate who is running as a Democrat. Christie only needs to just copy verbatim the pabulum being puked by Crist in Florida. There's the solution for Democrats, a candidate who is already as well known as Hillary, Chris ChRISTie for president!

The left needs to get over the Hillary obsession and give up the fantasy. It's not going to happen. At this point, given all the factors in play in national politics right now, the best odds appear to suggest that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is likely to be our next president. Rand would do well to pick New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez to balance the ticket. That is someone who knows how to put corrupt Democrats in their place.

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