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The far left just loves a fascist

Especially if he is THEIR fascist. Despite all the scandals, that the far left and their president have called “phony scandals,” President Barack Obama remains intensely popular among the hard line activists on the far left. Just visit one of the many online forums and discussion group populated by the extreme left, and you will see this. They love it when they are occasionally visited by a conservative. This gives them an opportunity to remind us that Obama won the election, he runs the government, and he is allowed to use his authority to impose their far left values on the country and all of us too. They just love to rub our noses in it, and celebrate in our faces, the notion that their far left authoritarian president is able to impose their agenda on all of us. We on the right are getting a big spanking on the buttocks from Big Daddy Obama, and the far left just loves it.

The far left just loves Barack Obama
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

At the same time, the far leftists will tell us conservatives how stupid we are, how insane we are to disagree with their authoritarian leftist agenda, etc. Remember, these are the people who portray themselves as the most compassionate, so much so, that they are willing to steal via the force of government as much of your money as they can steal to give it away in corporate welfare authorized by Congress. Stealing my money and giving it to their friends at General Electrics really shows me compassion.

And then they love to remind us to get ready for Hillary, that after eight years of this kinder and gentler fascist named Barack Obama, we're going to get imposed on us the presidency of an even more hard line fascists, Hillary Clinton. If you doubt that Hillary will be even a more hard line fascist than Obama, just look at their health care deform proposals. Specifically, remember their debate over the issue during the 2008 primaries.

Obama made himself out to be the moderate on the issue, opposing the individual mandate that Hillary supported. Obama reversed that, but he still supported the “relatively” moderate version of ObamaCare that was based on the compromise they passed in Massachusetts between the Democrat legislature and moderate Republican Governor Mitt Romney. Hillary supported the far more authoritarian model that was called “HillaryCare” when the Clintons proposed it in 1993.

Remember that “Health Security Card” that President Bill Clinton showed us, and told us we'd all get one of those when HillaryCare was enacted? While ObamaCare would just kick some people off their health insurance plans and make them choose among poor offerings listed on the exchange web sites, HillaryCare booted the whole country off their health insurance and imposed on EVERYONE a government health care plan that was mandatory, and one-size fits all. Not only that, but any choice of treatment or doctors or cures you might make, that was outside your government-imposed plan, was called “health care fraud” and incurred fines and jail sentences. HillaryCare included hundreds of such criminal penalties for doing what you wanted to do, to address your health, rather than what the government wanted to impose on your. HillaryCare was entirely fascist and downright un-American.

But that's why the far left is delighted at the notion of electing Hillary, so when ObamaCare fails they think a President Hillary can just impose HillaryCare on all of us instead, and finish the job that Barack Obama stated, of the government taking over the entire health care system. The far left really wants this. Do the rest of us understand this enough to make sure the next president we elect is not the nominee of the far left, and another fascist they will be delighted to say they imposed on us?

That is the question, do we really want freedom, or are we willing to tolerate and accept fascism instead? Vote accordingly in 2014 and 2016. In the future, we may not have any choices, if the far left gets what they want.

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