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The fantabulous women's business tribe. Profile: Katrina Pfannkuch


I launched The Women's Business Tribe last week. A tribe for remarkable women in business, women worth talking about. Recall the criteria for membership. Powerful tribes aren't open to everyone. The exclusivity makes it work. In this case, the exclusivity will come from three things:

  1. Fantabulous women only will be in this tribe (sorry guys).
  2. Women selected for this tribe will be remarkable, unconventional, and represent powerful women that support one another.
  3. Moxie is required.

Katrina Pfannkuch (fan-cook) is in the tribe.

Katrina is a brilliant force of nature who has kicked my creative butt into shape. She's gifted.

Katrina is remarkable for many reasons and she's got moxie oozing from her being. She's definitely in the tribe.

Her work defies simple description but if you want to shape your company's vision and voice to connect with customers or if you want to bust up some old blocks to unleash your personal creativity and connectedness to your authentic self, then you've found the right tribe member. Katrina's sessions are powerful stuff.

During our interview she spoke of supporting community, unleashing the creative process with small teams and global organizations, and helping her clients create connections with thier customers and with thier authentic self. Her clients range from big businesses (3M and IBM) to small and medium sized local businesses. Katrina works one-on-one with individuals and small teams as well.

Her Style.

She's earthy with sass. She embodies green thinking. She's intuitive, healthy minded, and brings that energy to her creative work with companies and individuals. She's savvy, fun, cool. Check out Katrina's portfolio.

She also writes regularly for various publications and organizations. GenGreenLife is a resource available for people looking to live a locally-focused, environmentally conscious lifestyle. Check out Katrina's work here, here, and here. In addition she contributes regularly to  BellaSpark, Colorado's comprehensive guide to holistic health and sustainable lifestyles. Check out her latest article on Salsa dancing on page 26 of the January/February 2010 issue. It's hot!

Get Connected.

Katrina is the owner and creative director at BuzzWord Communications. If you're smart, become a fan on Facebook and susbscribe to Katrina's blog, Writing from the Soul. Katrina resides in our lovely town of Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Sign Up!

Sign up for her lastest workshop, Intuitive Writing and Creativity Workshop. I'll be there -  hope you will be too! 

Below is a visual I put together that ecompasses Katrina's range of value she provides to businesses and individuals. You can see why she's in the tribe!


Click on the Subscribe button at the top of this post to receive an email in your inbox any time a fantabulous women is added to the tribe! Please use the buttons at the top of this post to tell others about Katrina and the women's business tribe.  Tweet it.  Email it to friends. One of the requirements of being in the tribe is supporting one another. Here's your opportunity!

Welcome to the tribe Katrina!

Have a good week everyone. Go be amazing!



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