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The fanatical preacher

Is Jesus' message too fanatical for us today? Do we just pay lip service to the world changing ideas that he preached? Is that perhaps one reason that our communities are in such trouble today? Surely the message of peace and forgiveness is more relevant today than ever.

There he was standing in the street again obsessively broadcasting the same propaganda. A lot of people listened to the fanatical preacher. He was a newcomer to town, a hillbilly from the back woods and he had some radical ideas. Other people were angered by his message which they thought to be foolishness. Some just paid him no heed. Yet, he had a few devotees. Word is that they just walked off their jobs to follow him and his wild-eyed doctrines.

Had he lost touch with reality? Could it just be that this man was who he claimed to be? Could it be that it is we who have lost touch with reality? Could reality be that we are lost and without hope and desperately in need of the repentance that preacher from Nazareth taught in Capernaum so long ago?

Could it be that his message is such a radical departure from all the things that are destroying our country that we too need to take such radical steps, leaving the old destructive ways behind and following the only way to peace and goodwill in our land?

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