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The famous five-minute face (dang daylight savings)

Everyone has their own version of "I hit the snooze button too many times and now I have to run around like a tornado to get out the door on time". Since we all just re-set our clocks, now seems like the perfect time to tell you about my version of the five-minute face. There is actually a simplified version of this if I have my lashes tinted.

Minute One - Prep and Prime

  • Lipbalm - I cannot go without lipbalm. I start there so that it has time to absorb before I add my lip color.
  • Moisturizer - Depending on how my skin is feeling (dry or oily), I will dab on just a little moisturizer especially under the eyes.

Minute Two - Even Out Skin Tone

  • BB cream - I just love these products. I won't leave the house without sunscreen and certainly won't go to work without a little coverage. So these are a perfect all-in-one step.

Minute Three - Eyes

  • Eyeshadow duo - I love to keep a simple eyeshadow duo within arm's reach. My favorite duos usually contain a lighter base shade and a darker shade that I can use as a quick eyeliner.
  • Mascara - As a natural blonde, I do have eyelashes however they are nearly translucent. If my lashes aren't tinted, I add one quick swipe on the upper and lower lashes to define and finish my eyes.

Minute Four - Cheeks

  • Blush - I actually find the powder form to be quicker than the cream or gel. It doesn't seem to require as much blending, if you pick the right go-to shade.

Minute Five - Lips

  • Lip color - The quickest to apply is lipgloss, but having a go-to creamy lipstick works too.

I know this seems like quite a few steps, but it really does take about five minutes and you can be out the door without looking like you overslept!

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