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The family road trip revisited.

Some of my fondest memories from my childhood come from the back seat of a 1987 Chevy Suburban, and a Nissan Pulsar. The family road trips that we took to various states to see various parts of the family, or just a simple vacation.

Before gas got to be $4 a gallon it was cheaper to drive across the country, but considerably more time consuming, also miles and miles more fun. Leaving at some god awful time early in the morning to drive 8 plus hours to see someone I really didn’t know.

Most families in modern days practice something called a staycation or jump on a plane for a weeks long vacation. The long roads are a better way to get to know your family, leave the Nintendo in bags and don’t turn on the tvs in the car. And if you have to have an excuse to not use them unplug the tvs.

The radio is the old standard for entertainment, turn on the classics, or talk radio. Share the music you listened to on family road trips with your kids. Avoid the major fast food chains, yes they are faster and standardized however, mom and pop restaurants can be better.

If you need a place to go and not drive half way across the country, Ohio offers a lot. Kings Island and Cincinnati down south, Cedar point and Kelly islands in the north. State and national parks, any of these make for great day trips or weekend getaways.

Before you go your car should be checked out. Tire tread and pressure, engine oil, transmission fluid. All of which you can do yourself. Get out there and bond with your family. 


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