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The 'Family' Fourth

Every year as we look at the celebration of 4th of July, we make plans to have friends and families join us. This is the mid-summer time to celebrate country, freedom and a good life. There is also some pitfalls for some in our population for whom this time is difficult to get through.

The first obvious person who comes to mind is the veterans with memories of far more that fireworks exploding. The second is pets we love and adore who are so frightened by the noise and chaos, which for others is the whole point of the holiday.
Today, it is most important to discuss the caregiver and their charge. For many older people fireworks bring back the thoughts of fires and homes to be protected. For others they are the veterans with terrible memories of what happens when that explosion occurs, even though this may have been 30 to 50 years ago. And for still other caregivers it means getting ready for the family to descend upon the home they grew up in and ready to have a good time with parents.

As we think about the work involved in getting ready for this celebration, we must remember all the daily tasks the caregiver is taking on routinely. Let’s look at other ways to spend this holiday with our parents and caregivers will also celebrate and not be so very tired and exhausted from getting ready. And then instead of fireworks at home, let’s go to see a community fireworks show, or view on the new HD TV we have just brought to our parents’ home. After all they have cared for us all our lives and their caring did not stop when we moved out. It has continued to this day. Let’s have a safe holiday that is great for all.

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