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The fallacy of a post-racial America: How far has Black America really come in the era of Obama?



  • Pastor D 6 years ago

    Great Word! Pastor Marcus, Our People need to just Grow up. Grow up in God!! And Grow up in Life. All of us, are Responsible to make a difference in Our Own Lives. And We All have a job to do, a job to make sure that our Youth,Our Seniors and our community is taken care of as well. Praise God, that President Obama won the Presidency. I Praised God and Cried like so many other people. But We All still have a lot of work to do, here in the last of the last days. And instead of complaining about what Obama has not done why don't We Do Something Ourselves!!! Just because I bring you a plate of food....doesn't mean that I have to eat the Food For You. Let's get it Together! Let's not Wait for a Devasting Earthquake, a Famine or Even Jesus Return to ask... what Shall I do? -"Be Blessed-Pastor D.

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