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The Fall was necessary

It may seem like it, but you are never alone!
It may seem like it, but you are never alone!
Nick marica


In part 1 of the Walk Applied series, we discussed that those who are saved are the bride of Christ. We do understand that Jesus is coming back for his bride. We may not be able to fully comprehend what it means to be the bride and the bible does not tell us why Jesus wants a bride. We do know that to be the bride of Christ, we must be saved.

In part 2 of the Walk Applied series, we talked about some of the properties of what it means to be saved. We analyzed the notion that salvation is a legal agreement. It is the Father’s covenant with us that He honors by giving us eternal life. We acknowledge that we are sinners separated from Him and that He is the one true living creator God who reigns sovereign and supreme over all things. We must also recognize that Jesus was God in the flesh. Jesus lived a sinless, perfect life and redeemed us by His death and resurrection. Indeed, Jesus paid the awful price for our sins that only he could pay. When we come into agreement with God’s promise covenant of salvation, our spirits are raised into life from the dead, and we become part of a very special community: the Bride of Christ!


Now, in part 3 of the Walk Applied series, we will tackle a most significant question: Why was the Fall permitted – at all? Surely, God, who we know is omniscient, knew we would fall. Why allow it? Why not just create us and let us reign with Him forever without this sinful existence? Maybe it’s not that simple…

Think about Adam and Eve. Adam & Eve walked in the presence of God Himself and enjoyed perfect fellowship with Him. They lived in the Garden where every conceivable need was provided. They had no illness or injury. They had nothing to fear. They were perfectly secure. Nothing was denied them, except for one thing – that one tree in the center of the garden.

Think about Lucifer. He was “the greatest of God’s creations”. He enjoyed a position in Heaven that was unmatched. At some point, Lucifer walked in full fellowship with God. Apparently, it wasn’t enough. “Pride was found in him”, and Lucifer rebelled.

Think about the angels. The Bible tells us that a full third of the angels found Lucifer so incredibly impressive that they rebelled with Lucifer. They had full fellowship with God, too, but they chose to rebel as well.


In the case of Lucifer and the angels, we observe that they were capable of making a choice. Indeed, they had free will to rebel and come out of Godly authority. We can make the same observation about Adam and Eve. They were capable of making the choice to rebel and come out of Godly authority. In simple point of fact, God made the choice readily available to Adam and Eve by placing the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” in the middle of the garden

The tempter was not lying when he said: “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”(Gen 3:5) In Gen 3:22. God Himself says; “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil.”

From this, we can draw the conclusion that there is something profound and innate about free will and choice. The power of free will and choice drives us all to know what we don’t know. The same motivation drives us to have what we don’t have. They were in the presence of the One True Living God, yet they chose to come out of Godly authority. They simply had to know what they didn’t know. They couldn’t resist the motivation to have what they didn’t have. Thus, they fell, and came out of Godly authority. In a future article, I will show how this power of choice is necessary for life itself to exist; it is that profound!

Adam & Eve, Lucifer, and the one third of the angels did not know the difference between good and evil. They had no idea what evil and death was. Thus, they had no fear to hold them back. They had no idea what it meant to be separated from God! Yet, God is love. Love must be chosen; it can never be forced upon us. If we are to love God, we must have a legitimate and valid choice to choose God. If that’s the case, we have to know and experience what is out there beside God. Thus, it becomes clear: God, in His unparalleled wisdom, has to allow us to experience what it’s like to be out of His authority. We must have experiential knowledge of evil in all its gruesome and horrific reality. There can be no holding anything back. Since all good things – without exception – come from God, we must be exposed to what is not of God. If those who were in God’s presence chose to rebel, what does that say about us?


The stunning conclusion is that the Fall had to happen so that we could make an informed choice. We can easily see what it’s like to live in a sinful fallen world that is completely consumed by sin. Indeed, we live in a world that is under the intermediate authority of the Prince of Darkness. Yet, God requires that we choose Him based on nothing more than simple faith. After all, His son wants a bride for eternity that chooses Him that is righteous as well as faithful!

Next Time, in part 4 of the Walk Applied Series, we will examine the consequences of the Fall and the two idolatry systems that make up the flesh: Rebellion Idolatry and Need Idolatry

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