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The fall colors of the rainbow!

Fresh picked produce just waiting for the perfect recipe!
Fresh picked produce just waiting for the perfect recipe!
Jennie Hardenbrook

Walking inside J & J Produce located at 16323 Claridon-Troy Rd. in Burton, Ohio, I was dazzled by the vibrant reds, the deep greens, and the effervescent yellows, which are reminiscent of the dappled colors we’re starting to see as fall starts to show in the trees.

The fresh bell peppers in red and green alongside the bright yellow wax beans had just been picked within the hour. The crisp green beans are ready for canning or as a great side dish for dinner.

The bright red bell peppers are a great addition to a pasta dish! The green bell peppers are great for stuffing or just eating by themselves. I usually clean and freeze the peppers for later in the year. They’re a great treat for the fall or even in the winter.

Fresh green or yellow wax beans are such a treat! I’m partial to the green and usually purchase a bushel and preserve them for the pantry. But fresh green beans are absolutely fantastic this time of the year!

There were some ruby red raspberries just ripe for the taking. Let’s see, how about a raspberry tart or possibly some raspberry muffins for breakfast tomorrow morning?

Fall ever-bearing raspberries are available everywhere right now and I advise you to get them while they last! Who could resist those tender berries? They are one of my favorites.

Oh, let’s not forget the fresh-picked bi-color corn. The ears of corn this year are so big that you’d be lucky to finish one ear! The corn is perfectly picked, juicy, tender and very sweet. That’s another side dish for your dinner, or a meal in itself. Just boil the water, shuck the corn and you’re ready for a fantastic sweet treat!

Sweet, fuzzy, orange peaches are still available! Can you believe it? I’ve been enjoying those beauties for breakfast every morning with my yogurt. Another way to enjoy your peaches would be to make a fresh peach pie or homemade ice cream.

Fall is definitely in the air and the rainbows of colors in the trees are just starting to turn. Along with the leaves, your local farmers markets are bursting with the fall colors of the rainbow! You need to visit one nearby and check out what they have. You’ll be surprised at what you find, and pleased with the prices as well!

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