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The Faithful One He Sees

I am The Faithful One and I see.

I have seen your hard choices. I have seen your sacrifices made in the dark hours of the night. I have seen your surrendered heart humbled before Me, as your strong will melted to that which I required of you. I have seen the agony of soul in the hours of temptation tried. I have observed with delight your heart that so yearns continually to please Me.

I see. I have seen. I will continue to keep My eyes upon you as I have done in the past to My delight. You are a joy to Me. You give great pleasure to My heart in a world where sin abounds.

It is the faithful that I make able.

It is the loyal ones watching over their words to perform them that I take pleasure in. To the faithful, I will show myself faithful To those who watch over their words to perform, so shall they reap that which they have sown, as I reciprocate the same. Blessed is the man that sweareth to his own hurt and changes not.

I am a rewarder and I will reward.

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