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The failure of Obamacare gets punted down the road

Obamacare woes punted into the future
Obamacare woes punted into the future
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It is no secret among American citizens that the Affordable Care Act has failed to deliver on any of its promises. In addition, taxpayers are finding it anything but affordable. Small businesses have been hurt and millions have lost their healthcare plans, doctors and must now pay out-of-pocket for previously covered medications....all while Mr. Obama jogs a victory lap talking about the “success” of his law.

Smart consumers hope and pray that Obamacare dies before its fifth birthday. Thankfully, legislators are still trying to find a way to end this socialist program that should never have been signed into law, and replace it with patient-centered, market friendly healthcare reform.

Four years after being passed into law before it was read, the program is floundering and nationwide approval for the law is at an all-time low. In March 2014, eHealthInsurance reported that Obamacare had caused premiums in the individual market to increase by as much as 59 percent, thanks to its myriad taxes, fees and costly new benefit mandates. Industry experts now say that rates may double by 2015 in many cities nationwide and at least one insurance company stated in no uncertain terms that costs for their plans will almost certainly triple by 2015.

Young consumers not interested

Over one-fifth of those the Administration claimed have “enrolled” have not paid their premiums, and therefore do not have coverage. Additionally, despite the millions of dollars that were spent on ads, including celebrity endorsements, the exchanges have utterly failed to attract young consumers. This is a fatal flaw in the program, as the money of the young and healthy is needed to subsidize the benefits offered to the sick and elderly. Without young individuals to fund the marketplaces, they will not be able to bear the burden of costs associated with treating patients with pre-existing conditions or those who are facing the illnesses and disorders that come with old age.

Experts initially estimated that 40 percent of participants would need to be under 34 years of age for the program to work financially. If the exchanges flop, and it is pretty obvious that they are, taxpayers will be forced to bail out Mr. Obama's unmitigated disaster.

More false promises

Obama repeatedly promised small businesses that they would save money, but such individuals learned earlier this year that because of Obamacare, their premiums would skyrocket. It appears that this promise to small business owners is in league with other infamous lies such as “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” and “you will not be forced to change doctors.”

In addition, Obamacare has failed to attract the uninsured. A McKinsey study discovered that a mere fraction of individuals were uninsured before enrolling in the exchanges. The same research project indicated that 50 percent of those who did not enroll cited affordability as their main reason for refusing coverage under Obamacare. This is not surprising, as many people questioned the President's approach to the supposed “healthcare crisis” from the beginning: citizens were uninsured because coverage was out of reach financially, so a law is passed that requires them to buy a policy anyway. The logic of this escapes most intelligent people. “Can't afford it? Well, you have to buy it anyway. Health care crisis solved!”


With the exchanges floundering and numerous state exchange directors resigning, the Administration has decided to simply rewrite the law as many times as necessary in an attempt to avoid an out and out revolt. The 5.6 million citizens whose plans were previously canceled because they did not meet Obama’s mandate can now keep them through 2017, if their insurance companies choose to reinstate them, which is extremely unlikely. However, this “extension” looks good on paper, and similar attempts to punt the problems of the disastrous health care law down the road are being implemented on a regular basis. Most have a target year of 2017...long enough to see Obama safely out of office and perhaps find another George W to blame for it all.