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The facts behind budget shopping....Coupons, lists and store variety.

The receipts after shopping; compare to the pen for length.
The receipts after shopping; compare to the pen for length.
Katrina Curry

In previous articles published, you may have noticed that there are tips for using coupons.  Yes, they are time consuming, but they save you little bits here and there and add up to HUGE savings at the register.

You may also have seen that in order to stick with your original budget plan, it’s best to carry a list of items needed when you go to the store.  This helps you to remember A.) What you needed in the first place and B.) A plan to stick with so you don’t just grab whatever seems convenient.  Again, this takes preplanning, but worth it at the register.

Lastly, choosing the right grocery store will also help you to save additional money.  You might think, “But that uses gas and gas is expensive right now.”  Don’t fret.  Here in Bend, many grocery stores aren’t too far from home, and if you run all your errands at the same time, you’ll save gas in the end versus running errands daily.

As you look at these three money saving tips, you also might say, “That’s a lot of work; does it really save me money?”  Well, I conducted an experiment the other weekend using the three tips shown above.  After about 2 hours of grocery shopping, enjoying the wonderful sunshine we had, I saved more money than ever!  Here’s the proof:
At Safeway, total spent: $45.20.  Number of bags: 4 (stuffed full)
Fred Meyers, total spent: $14.00.  Number of bags: 3
Grocery Outlet, total spent: $28.03.  Number of bags: 3

Some stores will also show the total savings at the bottom of their receipts.  Safeway saved: $27.71--that’s half of the total!  Grocery Outlet: $15.56.  Again, half the amount spent there.

So, while the savings tips are time consumers, they really do work.  Without the coupons that were used, the lists made and shopping at several different stores, the money spent would have been twice that. Every item purchased at Safeway and Fred Meyers had corresponding coupons that ran with them by the way.

So folks, use these tips and tell me if they work for you, or if you have any other pointers that you would like me to write about.  Have fun shopping!

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