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The Facelift of Z. Loft Boutique

Courtesy of Z Loft Boutique
Courtesy of Z Loft Boutique
A. LeboQ

Downtown Los Angeles is in the midst of a huge makeover. No longer are the streets filled with empty buildings, homeless people, and trash. Well, maybe there is still a little trash in the streets. However, there are tons of new venues such as bars, clubs, lofts, art galleries, and trendy fashion boutiques. Z. Loft Boutique is a fashion house that has not only relocated, but has changed the overall look of the boutique. Customers who knew of ZLB at 111 W. 7th st will be pleasantly surprised to know that the store is not gone, but has moved a block over on 6th st at 215 W. st, between Broadway and Spring. It offers the same exclusive vintage and high end couture items as before, but new and improved displays and fixtures. 

Z. Loft Boutique has transitioned into an on demand fashion powerhouse and gets new arrivals, literally, on a daily basis! If someone is looking for an item, say for example a Marc Jacobs red handbag, then one can simply put in a request for the item or for one very similar. One of the stylist/shoppers for ZLB will bring in the item and notify customer upon arrival. Z. Loft Boutique has also expanded the men's department that features an array of designer jeans, vintage and designer tees, leather jackets, designer shoes and sneakers, and accessories such as hats, belts, and scarfs. Z. Loft Boutique has consignment as well for people looking to rid themselves of some trendy clothes and make a little cash. The consignment works on a 50/50 basis, with the customer receiving 50% of the selling price and ZLB getting the remaining 50%. Z Loft Boutique is part of the renowned Downtown Artwalk that happens every 2nd Thursday and the Fashion Walk that occurs every 3rd Thursday of the month. 

Z. Loft Boutique, 215 W 6th st., LA, CA. 90014, ph # 213-321-1191